Corporate Love

Otherwise known as “Reasons I Love My Job”.

The decidedly un-Corporate Valentine made for me by The Husband from stuff living in the garage.

I am inspired by today, the commercial construct of all that is love and romance to write a little ode to my own Corporate Sponsors. Since I am now firmly ensconced back in my Corporate Servitude (it’s been almost 8 months), I find my enthusiasm and sunny disposition somewhat waning in the face of fluorescent lighting, dreary cubicle walls, entirely too much butt sitting, and the dodging of ridiculous expectations engineered to impact my life.

All that aside, today it’s about the love.

Warning: This may be a short list.

Schedule Flexibility. This is a pretty big one. There are very few times where I am required to be at the office at such and such specific time. In general, a 9ish to 5ish day is just fine. This allows for afternoon visits for the vet, early morning gym workouts, and mid-day conversations with my Best Friend. I can run an errand here or there. I can make a phone call. If it snow’s for a week, I can even work from home. Prior to The Leap, this squishy scheduling ability was something I took for granted. However, in an environment like The Pet Store it is just not possible. Strict hours must be maintained. Examples must be set for other employees. Not having to literally punch a clock greatly improves my work/life balance.

Walking Trails. When I’m not using my “lunch break” to get caught up on personal business, I can take a nice walk. I am fortunate that my office is conveniently located next to a slew of walking/nature trails, and ample sidewalks. I can usually get in about 3 miles in a reasonable amount of time. I no longer seem to be able to make it through an entire day of desk sitting, unless of course its pouring down rain.

Money. The most basic of things. The reason why we go to work, and certainly the reason why I returned to Corporate Servitude. The exchange of time and skill for compensation. This job makes that exchange more fruitful than most. That, in turn, makes my life easier. For instance when The Husband has only worked 3 of the last 9 days (like now), I can shrug it off and make some adjustments. As opposed to having to scramble and look at slush funds. Piece of mind is worth a lot.

Mediocrity. This is going to sound odd, and a little hard to explain. At The Pet Store, I worked directly for the owner. This was fabulous in the sense of getting things done, immediate feedback, etc,. It also puts you right in the cross hairs in regards to performance and value added to the business. In Corporate America, I am largely just another cog in the wheel. I’m many steps removed from the decision makers, and even if my input mattered, we don’t share the same core values and goals. That’s a little sad. It’s also a load off. I can do my job and coast, and worry only about my very small picture. It’s an environment that breeds mediocrity, and it only helps you to embrace it.

Friends. I work with a handfull of people I’ve known for over 10 years. There are others I’ve known for 6 or 7. I can truly call them my friends, not just my work friends. I enjoy their company. Should I ever want to go out to lunch, I’ve ready partners. We make a lot of jokes. I often laugh until I tear up. They are by and large a supportive bunch, and I am damn lucky to be able to work with them day in and day out. One of such friends, provides me a carpool partner several days a week, making my commutes both more enjoyable and cheaper.

Fringe Benefits. Oh yeah, benefits. Of course, I have health insurance. Although, its more expensive and not as good as it once was. It’s there, and combined with The Husband’s coverage, we have almost a good plan. Beyond that, I get a highly subsidized cell phone, which is nice, if one forgets that it means they can call me anytime they so desire. There is free soda I don’t drink, a few free lunches that show up, which I mostly don’t eat. I do, however, get to sit all day with unrestricted internet access. Once again, this helps out ye’ old work/life balance. In between tasks or while I’m eating lunch, I can follow my favorite blogs or research prolapsed vents on chickens ( Side Note: I am so worried about this happening!!).

The best thing about my Corporate Servitude though, is probably that I don’t love it. Once upon a time, I was really wrapped up in this job. I wanted to climb the ladder, to build a “career”. That was pre-layoff, and before benefits took a tumble, prior to my realization that my Corporate Overlords were all bs bingo and bottom line, and I was “just a resource”. No, maybe the best thing about my job is that I don’t have to stay. I may not know what’s next, but I know this isn’t it. In the mean time, I can focus on that all important exchange of time for money, and use that money to further my escape plans. Reminding myself of a little Corporate Love now and then won’t hurt. Despite my tendency towards the melodramatic, it’s not exactly Alcatraz.

2 thoughts on “Corporate Love

  1. Lindy Mint says:

    Husband makes a nice un-corporate Valentine.

    I love this ode. There are several perks to office life, and I relate so much to many of these. I could climb the ladder if I wanted to, but I’d also be giving up a great deal of balance as well. I’m happy with my low-stress position for the time being.

    I agree it’s not sustainable long term, but I’m glad it serves a purpose. Besides, if we didn’t have unfulfilled corporate employees in the world, there would be no blogs.đŸ˜‰

  2. dogsordollars says:

    Thanks Lindy! We have a make Valentines from garage components tradition. Some of them I still have in my mess of a desk/office. Others, we’ve let go. It’s all based on how good the garage materials are that year.

    Yes, unfulfilled corporate employees, WAHMs, and DIYers pretty much make up the sum total of the blog-o-sphere. It’s true. Other than the walks, I guess I should also be thankfull for the reading material.

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